I'm Callie Chase.

About Me

Writing is my Passion

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Know Me.

Callie Chase is the author pen name of multi-genre, multi-platform author Jeanne De Vita. Callie loves stories and sees them everywhere, so it’s no wonder she writes romance, horror, fantasy… Why pick just one!

A Multi-Generational writer

As the oldest daughter of a career writer, Callie dreamed from a young age of bringing memorable stories to life. She’s fueled by coffee, brownies, and anything zombie-related. Podcasts about heists and fantasy series? Count her in!

A day in the life

Callie lives in Los Angeles with a bonkers German Shepherd. When she’s not writing, reading, or trying to keep her patio garden alive, she runs Romance Writing Academy, a fully online romance writing school, and teaches writing and editing at UCLA Extension.

Why Jeanne De Vita? Callie Chase?

As much as Jeanne loves her real name, after a lifetime of being called everything under the sun and seeing her name misspelled constantly, she hopes Callie Chase is easy to say, spell, and represents what she does in her work: chase amazing stories.